PTPL Show with Panic! At The Disco

On Memorial Day 2015, we had the opportunity of a lifetime to play a show with Panic! At The Disco and AWOLNATION for X1029’s Rock on the River 6! The show was amazing and the crowd was huge! We played at The Jacksonville Landing, filled with over 3,000 people watching us as we rocked out, playing some of our new songs off of our Animalistc EP for the first time ever! Rock on the River 6 was our official CD Release show, as it was the first time fans could buy the physical copy of the Animalistic EP in person. The show was hosted by X1029 Jacksonville’s New Alternative. The radio host, Tank introduced us before we went on stage (We love you, Tank!). It was awesome, making so many new Jacksonville fans, meeting so many people, signing CDs, posters, shirts, arms, pants, etc., playing an acoustic set for VIP ticket holders, having a special VIP Meet and Greet, and having our own VIP section where we could chill and prepare for the show! Not many bands can say they played a show for over 3,000 people, so we’re truly honored to be picked by X1029 for this show and we can’t thank those guys enough! Thank you everyone who came out! We hope you’ll pick up our new Animalistic EP if you haven’t yet: or

You can check out some of the pictures from the show on our Facebook: or in the gallery right here on our website!

Thanks guys!
-Josh, Shafer, Kyle, and Casey